Important Tips & Info


      It is time for everyone to be dressing in a wetsuit or thermal warmer for lessons.  Swim season is here and the outside temperatures are dropping as well.  This means that the pool temperature will also be lowered to 82-83 degrees.  While this may not sound cold, please remember children lose body heat much more quickly than adults, especially toddlers!!  Little ones become chilled very quickly (in less than 15 minutes) and this can become dangerous. Very thin children also become cold quickly, as they do not have enough body fat for insulation.  Students who are cold or shivering will be removed from the pool.

 ~WARM kids are HAPPY kids who learn better and want to come to lessons!


Material: NEOPRENE – not nylon. “Rashguard” shirts are for sun protection, not warmth.

**Very thin children or those under 4 should have FULL length suits.
**Children in Clownfish level or above should have “shorty” suits – short sleeves and legs to prevent movement from being restricted.

Thickness: (The greater the thickness, the warmer the suit.)
*Children under 3: 2 – 3mm
*Students in Tigerfish level or above: 1.5-2mm

Here is a link to the Dream Big Swim Academy team store:
Amazon usually has a good variety of suits as well.


  • SHOWER before and after lessons!!  Even though it may be time consuming, there are multiple benefits to showering.
    • Before lessons:
      • Removes contaminants that may be spread into the pool such as fecal matter or diseases
      • Water is absorbed into hair/skin and reduces the damage from chlorine
      • Swimsuits are saturated and absorb less chlorine = LAST LONGER
    • After lessons:
      • Increases body temperature rapidly (It can take hours naturally.)
      • Removes chlorine and other pool chemicals from the body and swimsuit
      • No baths when you get home!!
  • Wear non-slip shoes/sandals in the locker room
    • Take them off outside of the locker room and put them back on before entering to prevent disease transmission
  • Do not send students to lessons if they are sick. This includes a mild cough, runny nose, sore throat, or tummy ache. Cancel 24 hours before the lesson and wait to schedule a makeup lesson until the student is healthy.
    • Swim lessons require tremendous amounts of energy.  Swimming while sick WILL make symptoms worse or increase the recovery time.
    • None of the instructors want your germs.  Really…we are good with the ones we already have. Just because it doesn’t seem contagious, doesn’t mean it’s safe.
  • If a student has had diarrhea or a high fever,  they must be free from ALL symptoms for 24 hours.  Cancel and schedule a makeup lesson.  Both of these conditions can be spread in the water depending on cause!!
    • For example:  If your lesson is on Wednesday and your student develops diarrhea/fever on Monday night, you need to cancel the lesson on Tuesday morning and reschedule.
  • COVER HEADS or dry hair!  When you leave lessons, make sure to cover your student’s head.  If you have time, dry hair.  Covering the head can help prevent kids from getting sick.  
    • Remember that we lose the majority of body heat from the head. The body has to use energy to maintain it’s temperature.  If the body is using it’s energy to stay warm – there isn’t energy available to fight off germs.

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