Our classes are designed to teach students at any skill level. Each skill level has a comprehensive set of skills geared toward helping the swimmer gradually progress to a harder skill set without making him/her feel overwhelmed. We have 2 main class types:

1. Infant/Toddler Group Classes: Little Dreamers – Babies(3-8 months), Movers(9-16 months), or Explorers (17-23 months)  **Please note: This is NOT a “Mommy and Me” style class with games or songs.  This is an infant rescue swimming program and is not for the faint of heart.   

(These classes are taught at Millsop Community Center in Weirton, WV.  Click here for directions.)

2. Private/Individual Lessons:  Child/Adolescent (18 months +)

  • Private Lessons – 18 months-17 years
  • Special Needs Lessons – must enroll in a specific “Special Needs” lesson
  • Adult – email us to find availability
Little Dreamers: Babies (3 -8 months)

The Babies class is designed to promote good water safety in infants. This class acclimates students to the water at an early age.  The earlier the starting age, the easier it is for the child! The class utilizes infants’ natural reflexes to aid them in learning to hold their breath, cling to the side, and swim short distances. Children in this class learn to float on their backs, roll over, and perform other safety maneuvers.

 Babies classes are for children 3 months to 8 months.  This is not a private/one-on-one lesson. At least one of the child’s parents must accompany the child in the water.


Little Dreamers: Movers -(9 months-16 months)

This class is designed for those students who are developmentally more advanced than the Babies class.  This class also focuses more on movement in the water and builds on the developmental skills that the child is learning on land.  More focus is directed at balance and buoyancy in the water.  This class also requires the parent to enter the water and the curriculum is similar to the Babies class with the focus on the swim -float-swim and survival methods.  This extended class gives parents the option to continue in the pool with their child before progressing to private lessons. Iva wall

 Little Dreamers: Explorers (17-23 months)

This class is for older students who wish to continue in the class setting.  This class will focus on independent swimming, jumping into the water and recovering, swim-float-swim rescues skills and develop body control.  We do recommend students move to private lessons at 18 months for better progression.  Children 21 months and older MUST enroll in private lessons if not previously in the program.  They are not permitted to begin in the Explorer’s class. 

Child/Adolescent: 18 months and above

 Each weekly lesson is taught one-on-one with an instructor. Throughout our years of teaching, we’ve seen children respond better to individual attention rather than a group setting.  Private lessons promote a feeling of security and children learn and retain the skills at a much faster rate. We have seven skill levels. At the first lesson, your child will be assessed and placed into the appropriate level. 

Children progress through different skill levels as they grow and receive certificates of achievement as they graduate to a higher skill level.  The last levels focus on strength building and training for competition or lifeguard training.  Children are encouraged to join the local swim teams during the year.  

Children between the ages of 2 and 3 will automatically be placed into the Goldfish level and will work on survival skills similar to those in the Little Dreamers classes.  Children at this age are experimenting with their independence and often, if the child is not in a daycare/preschool setting, we are the first “teachers” they have ever experienced.  Just be patient and watch the progress.

For children/teens who are already proficient swimmers, Dream Big Swim Academy offers private lessons for technique and stroke development. Many of our older students swim for the local high schools. DSCF0991

Dream Athletes

This will be an hour long swim training program with other students at the same level.  Students must have passed out of the Dolphin level and be recommended by an instructor for this program.  This lesson will focus on swim team preparation and advanced technique.  Maximum of 8 students permitted.


Adults are also welcome at Dream Big Swim Academy. It is never too late to learn!  Classes are also one-on-one with an instructor. In the adult class, you set the pace. The goal for adults is to learn to be comfortable in the water as well as safe. The first few lessons focus on safety skills and water acclimation and the next lessons build on further development. Lessons continue for as long as you wish.

Special Needs/Disability

Children with special needs and disabilities are always welcome. The facilities have a wheelchair lift to the pool deck and a lift into the pool. We specialize in adaptive methods to make everyone comfortable in the water. We work very slowly and patiently with our autistic kids/adults to make sure they are comfortable and set up a routine that they can enjoy.   Everyone deserves to enjoy the water!  We currently have several children with disabilities ranging from mild autism, dyspraxia, severe anxiety, all the way to Noonan Syndrome and severely developmentally delayed.

These lessons are listed as “Special Needs” in the availability.  Please email or contact us before enrolling your student so we can make sure he/she is paired with the correct instructor.