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Here are some of our most frequently asked questions:

What classes do you have available?

Class Listings

All registration and enrollment is completed online.  Class listings are updated in real time.

How do I sign up?

Clink on the link below to log in to our registration software. This is for NEW customers only.


What ages do you teach?

From the age of three months all the way to adulthood.

Do you teach students with special needs?

Individuals with special needs are encourage to attend. Everyone deserves to enjoy the water! We have adaptive tools and teaching techniques.  All disabilities are accepted regardless of severity.

Special needs lessons must enroll in “Special Needs Lessons” and not a typical private lesson. Only a few instructors are certified to teach an adaptive lesson.

Where are the swimming lessons taught? Is there an admission fee?

Our classes are taught at Millsop Community Center in Weirton, WV.  You can find directions here.   Pool admission is $5/adult each day.  Each adult entering the water must pay the admission fee.  ALL of our students, regardless of age, must pay the $3.50 daily fee.  Yearly memberships are also available.

Please note: Dream Big Swim Academy is not affiliated with Millsop Community Center nor are we employed by the establishments. Dream Big Swim Academy rents the pool and runs independently.

How long is each lesson?

Infant classes and private lessons are 30 minutes once a week. You will come at the same day and time each week.  You may schedule more than one lesson a week provided there is availability. We do offer hour classes but these are by instructor recommendation only or for adult classes.

Are the lessons individual or in a group?

Lessons are one-on-one or “private” with a trained instructor.  Children 2 and older must participate in private lessons.  Little Dreamers are group classes for infants where the parent must enter the water and more than one child (up to 8) is in the class.  There are 3 different classes categorized by age.  You must sign up for the age appropriate class.

Students may begin private lessons at 18 months of age and this is recommended.

Do I keep my scheduled time or does it change?

When you sign up for lessons, the day and time you have chosen is yours for as long as you remain in our program or until the seasonal hours change.  There is no “end date” for lessons but we do have a two month minimum participation.  Hours differ during the summer.  Current lessons are offered first choice of the new available hours for summer.

What is the cost per lesson and how can I pay?

There is a $45 non-refundable registration fee per student.  This fee must be received before enrollment in a class can begin.  Registration fees must be paid online via bank account or credit card.  Lessons have a 2 month minimum requirement.  No exceptions.

Private and Special Needs lessons are $22.50 for a 30-minute lesson and $40 for an hour lesson.  The Little Dreamers classes are $12.50/lesson.  Lessons are scheduled and billed in 1-month increments and payment is due the 1st of the month.

(Generally, tuition is $90/month plus pool admission. It can vary depending on the number of weeks in the month.)

Invoices may be paid online or at lessons with cash or check.  We do offer a discount for cash payments.

Pool admission for Millsop Community Center is $5/adult and $3.50/student each day.  Each adult entering the water  and ALL students must pay the admission fee, regardless of age.  Yearly memberships are also available.

Can I pay for lessons week-to-week?

No. Lessons are scheduled in one-month increments and that month’s lessons must be paid in-full by the 1st of the month.

What if we have to miss a lesson?

Each of our lessons are hand-written and prepared in advance.   We understand that children sometimes get sick or there may be conflicts with one of the lessons. We allow one make-up or rescheduled lesson per month ONLY if a 24 hour notice is given for cancellation.  If proper notice is not given or the lesson cannot be rescheduled, the lesson will not be made up and payment is forfeited. This is to ensure that our instructors are compensated for their time and preparation.  Additional make up lessons are available for an additional $5 fee.

(Little Dreamers Infant/Toddler classes do not have make up options for missed classes due to limited classes.)

When do lessons end?

There is no specified end date for lessons. Our program is all-year. We do have scheduled seasonal breaks (Calendar) and change hours during the summer.

We do ask that if you wish to finish your month and discontinue, you give us a two week notice.  Notification must be given by the 15th of each month.) This allows us time to fill the opening.

Can I sign-up in advance for times or have a time held?

Lessons are by appointment and scheduled monthly. Because of the individual scheduling of lessons, Dream Big Swim Academy’s availability is very limited. Lesson openings cannot be “held” or “suspended” for any amount of time.  If you decide to take a break, the same day and time cannot be guaranteed again.

Do I have to get in the pool with my child?

Parents are not permitted in the pool for private lessons. There is seating on the observation deck above. For the Little Dreamers Infant/Toddler classes, at least one parent must accompany the swimmer.

Is there a contract?

Yes.  Dream Big Swim Academy does require that you read and adhere to the policies and agreements that have been established.  You will have to read and sign the contract during registration, and you will be sent an electronic copy of the agreement.  There is a two-month minimum for lessons as well as a strict cancellation and make-up policy.  Failure to agree or follow these policies may result in dissmal from the program.  This is to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and that our instructors are compensated for their time and preparation.  Again, all lessons are individually planned.  A lot of time and love goes into each one!

Policy Agreement